Meeting at the Twin Rainbows



The 5th floor Lounge of the Twin Rainbows Co-op

1465 Lamey's Mill Road

Buzz #57


The 'False Creek 50' bus stops a half block away next to a Starbucks on Lamey's Mill Road.  The bus stop is at the entrance to Granville Island and bus drivers often announce it for the neophpytes.


Lamey's Mill Road is the last cross street and very close to the entrance of Granville Island.  The Twin Rainbows Co-op building is just a few doors east of the Island's access road.




There's some meter-free parking on West 1st Ave. and Pine St. but...



...Parking is easiest right on Granville Island. (Get DirectionsSmall green signs are posted all around the Island allowing 3 hours of free parking from 7AM to 7PM and parking is unrestricted after 7PM.  Arriver early for dinner or shopping on the Island with no worries.


Warning: On Granville Island there is a large centrally located parking lot next to a covered parking building.  Both lot and building are Pay Parking areas ($2.85/hour).  These two areas, plus two small restricted areas next to the Granville Island Hotel, are the only places to avoid. 


Once parked the shortest route to the Twin Rainbows Co-op building is "The Shortcut".  This starts at the area between the Waterfront Theatre and Cats Social House.  You'll pass these structures when driving onto the Island.  They come up on the right side a little ways after making the mandatory right turn.

There are five free parking spots directly opposite Cats Social House and just prior to 7 PM could be about the right time for one or two of these spots to become available.  The difficult part could be craning your neck over your right shoulder, while driving, in time to still make the right turn if a spot is available.

Follow The Shortcut route road

Starting at the Cats Social House Restaurant on the left (red patio umbrellas above) walk over a bridge.  It can be a very nice walk.


Simply keep walking straight (more or less) and eventually arrive at Lamey's Mill Road (At the cluster of fir trees above).  The Twin Rainbows Co-op is the first building on the left.

However... the shortest cut would be to walk through the cluster of trees just beyond the overhead walkway (above) into the parking lot of the Twin Rainbows Co-op.

Herein begins the sense of the arboreal refuge that ensconces these premises.

    "Is the oak lord over the vine? Is the Jimson (weed) beset before the tomato? Are the grassy roots ashamed of their flower beside the rose?

    All those forces in nature are fulfilling rather those purposes to which their Maker, their Creator, has called them into being... reflecting --as each soul, as each man and each should do in their particular sphere -- their concept of the Maker!"  Edgar Cayce 1391-1

At the front door buzz #57 for the Lounge on the 5th floor.  

Admission is by donation. Donations are used to support meetings  including speaker expenses, room rentals and hospitality essentials.

The Lounge (with lights off).  The seating accommodates about 32 large people (It's possible that three thin women could fit in the seats such as the one in the window.)  Arrive early to ensure a seat.


Potluck Food/Snacks are appreciated and encouraged but not expected from first time attendees. Nice kitchen facilities are available, including a microwave, and a propane BBQ is available outside as long as it's left clean.  (The iron chairs on the deck are incompatible with the interior hardwood floors.)

    The View. With all of the peaceful nature flourishing around the premises you'd never know that you're so close to a major tourist attraction.

Q- "How is the best way to explain God to a child under twelve years?"

A- "In nature"         5747-1

Our usual welcome time is at 7:00PM and a short meditation starts things off at 7:30PM.